Elrie Joubert


An accident - one moment in time and your life shatters in a thousand pieces. Fragments of glass and debris shattered over an accident scene, left behind as evidence of loss. But how long is an acceptable time to grief or even accept a traumatic experience? As rain, traffic and time pass over an accident scene, these little pieces of evidence are moved to the side of the road and is eventually washed away. Is this the physical equivalent of an acceptable time to mourn? “Shattered” (2022) comprises of a thousand pieces of debris collected from various accident scenes and installed in a 1m x 1m area. Similarly, to how these pieces would have been discarded in their original context, the installation lends itself to a comparable interaction from the viewer.

As the exhibition continues only time will tell how

As time pass


The result….

as evidence of a moment in time that someone’s life was evidently changed.